Sunday Mornings: 9:30am – 10:45am

Sunday mornings are dedicated to addressing the life topics that teenagers deal with on a daily basis; life, spirituality, relationships etc. Through these chosen topics, we will teach and lead lessons, allow them to debate with each other, and use critical thinking exercises to help better understand how these topics relate to their lives. The goal of Sunday morning gatherings is to bring teens to a greater understanding of why they believe what they believe. This time will be dedicated to equipping teens with the tools necessary to evangelize and spread the gospel within their environments. Our desire is to equip the teenagers with a “real world” knowledge on how to present the gospel to various people in various environments; school, sporting events, home, and community.

Sunday Night “Meet, Eat, and Game”: 6:30pm – 8:00pm (Coming Soon)


Sunday nights are a time set aside for food, fun, and games. Nothing brings a group together like crazy games! We feel that these laid back nights are crucial to the bonding o

f a group. We usually start our time of fellowship with some food, and after “breaking bread” with one another, we just let loose and have a blast playing some games! Jesus made sure to walk, talk, eat, and do life with his disciples…I have a feeling they played some games along the way too! 🙂