Northwest church of the Nazarene is committed to the safety and the wholeness of our congregation and community. As information about the virus and the response by authorities is available, the church will adapt to better serve our mission.

A note from pastor Sam

The city of Columbus has lifted the mask mandate for the city. Many in our congregation may feel the need or desire to continue using masks for valid reasons and convictions; we will not judge those who wear or do not wear a mask. As a church, our calling is to serve one another while trusting God for our protection. We will not yield to fear, we are a family who cares for each other, and each one of us has a place as we encourage and grow together.

I pray you find peace as we navigate these days and look forward to being with you, either in person or in spirit (online).

Pastor Sam


Covid Policy

Handwashing – We encourage every congregant to wash their hands prior to coming to church.

Services will continue to be live-streamed on our site and social media.

We will continue to follow the direction of the governmental authorities and the CDC. In the event there is an attendee with a positive case, the health department will be contacted, and we will follow their recommendation.